For Donors

Strategic Tax Benefits Includes

  • Gifts to your Fund are tax deductible
  • Receive market value tax deduction with no capital gain tax on gifts of appreciated securities & private equity funds, hedge funds, private REITS & private companies & purchase money secured notes that are approved by Investors Philanthropic for secure cash flow or near term liquidity event
  • Carry forward of unused tax deduction for 5 years on unused portion if your gift exceeds 30% (50% for cash) of your Adjusted Gross Income
  • Income on your fund’s investments grow tax free
  • Reducing your gross estate for inheritance tax by the Market Value of your gift to your fund
  •  Introductions to top tax advisors

Charitable Benefits Includes

  • Flexible & Joyful Giving:  Foundations must distribute 5% of asset value yearly compared to a Donor Advised Fund that has no minimum  annual giving  requirement. Earnings from your fund accumulate tax free for later, larger gifting opportunities.Flexible Giving Options:
    • Establish an Endowment Fund with set gifts annually
    • Establish a Sponsor- Advised Fund that allows for you to raise donations/gifts for your cause from others. For example: Amal Clooney may choose to set up the Amal Clooney Fund or the World Human Rights Fund & then use her twitter account, talk show appearances & contacts to raise millions from others for her cause. The Mayor of Los Angeles may set up the Mayor’s Fund of Los Angeles & use his clout & prestige to raise money for his cause
  • Recommend a Grant: Philanthropists take special pride in the charities and causes they choose to support. Consider what is important to you, research, and recommend a grant to your passionate qualified non-profit. Through your online account, you can research charities & direct your giving. For resources on Qualified Non-Profits see our For Non-Profits Section.
  • Save Time & Effort.  Giving is more secure when Investors Philanthropic takes the steps to ensure your chosen non-profit is qualified per IRS guidelines to advance the public good & gifts qualify &, if appropriate, advise if the non-profit fees are very high.

Family Benefits Includes

  • Model Gifting/Model Naming:  Agreements & Negotiating Assistance for Naming Opportunities.
  • Legacy of Family Philanthropy:  Give only your fund’s income (not principal) & become a vehicle to involve generations of your family in the joy of giving.
  • Enhanced Image:  Use computer generated letterhead with your Donor-Advised Fund’s name when sending grants to qualified non-profit organizations. A donor can choose to have an enhanced giving profile as or choose to give anonymously while directing the gift to a qualified non-profit.
  • Youth Giving 101:  Involve children in grant-making & enrich their life & establish a tradition of family philanthropy for future generations. In the Youth Giving 101 program we promote the joy of philanthropy & instill the passion of thinking of others & the value of giving at an early age. In Youth Giving 101 they will meet young adults who want to contribute to a better world. Through seminars, networking events, & resources, families learn & grow together in the world of philanthropy.

Fees & Minimums
Investors Philanthropic is a far superior decision compared to a private foundation, and one of the lowest administrative costs for Donor- Advised Funds to ensure you maximum qualified non-profit giving.

The Most Cost- Effective Giving Option

$15 Minimum Monthly Charges


  • Gift To Open Donor-Advised Fund, $10,000 with $1,000 Minimum Bal.
  • Gift To Open Sponsor-Advised Fund, $100

Open Your Fund

Your Donor-Advised Fund may be opened with gifts of $10,000 or more of cash, securities, &/or real estate. To get started contact or please call the Managing Director, Valentina Khan, JD, MA at (949) 251-2010 Ext. 1.

Donor Circle

Donor Circle has many benefits for you:

  • Experience the Joy of Giving of other like-minded Philanthropists
  • Guidance from our Distinguished Advisory Council
  • Gain insight & knowledge from your peers & our Distinguished Advisory Board
  • Learn more about the world of philanthropy & causes
  • Attend events, seminars, & resources offered to our Donors in order to better inform them of this growing form of giving
  • Unlock your power of giving
  • Explore &/or discover your giving passions
  • An informative quarterly e-newsletter & or magazine
  • The opportunity to name your Donor-Advised Fund. You may choose to name the Fund for your family or a loved one. You also have the option to remain anonymous or assign a unique name reflecting your charitable mission & values
  • Access to your Fund 24 hours a day through our secure online resource.